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IC The Starke Ledger

SRMC In Chaos As 'Miracle Girl' Escapes

Six people have been fired from Starke Regional Medical Center today as the city's largest hospital is in full crisis management mode. Ada Hendricks, 14, dubbed 'Miracle Girl' by local and national media, is missing from the hospital as of yesterday, seemingly by leaving out of the front door of the hospital in full view of hospital security and front desk staff.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a current employee with knowledge of the situation told the Ledger that nobody in the hospital lobby saw her. "I know what the security tapes show, but no matter how many times we ask, all of the employees we let go swear that they didn't see her leave." The hospital was reportedly busy yesterday with the onset of flu season. The employee told the Ledger that Hendricks had grown 'increasingly withdrawn,' refusing to interact with other children, and on numerous occasions displayed irritability toward her parents and hospital staff.

SRMC released a statement this morning, calling the lapse in security 'inexcusable.' "SRMC takes this matter with the utmost seriousness," the statement read. "We are committed to fully cooperating with the police, and the employment of hospital staff charged with watching after Miss Hendricks has been terminated. Such flagrant incompetence and disregard for the safety of our most vulnerable patients will not be tolerated."

Security staff in the hospital were responding to an incident in the emergency room during the time of Hendricks' disappearance. A man who had been shot during an attempted armed robbery of a convenience store grabbed a scalpel and lunged at a doctor, reportedly while screaming that 'the wind dragon' was calling him. Nobody was injured during the incident.

An attorney for the Hendricks family declined to comment while the family explores legal action against the hospital, and has asked that the media respect their privacy. A social media account associated with Mrs. Melissa Hendricks, 41, lashed out at hospital staff, blaming them for "losing what God had given back to us."

Police have not issued an AMBER Alert for Hendricks, as there is currently no evidence that she has been abducted, or that she is in any danger. Anybody with any information on the whereabouts of Ada Hendricks is urged to call the Starke Police Department Special Victims Unit.

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