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Werewolf House Rules


Requesting Renown:

Characters can only gain 1 full point in each category per month.

Players are responsible for putting in their own renown requests, in the month that the action has happened. You cannot 'save' a renown request from July and put it in August because you're already over the 1 full point cap. 
* If you forget, that renown is lost. Please put those requests in as quickly as possible so you do not miss out.

Challenging for Rank:

Garou wishing to challenge for rank should challenge someone of a higher rank in the appropriate auspice, or they may challenge the Master of Challenge. If this challenge is to a PC, the challenge should be cleared with the STs as appropriate before it is offered IC.

Necessary time active in order to challenge for Rank:
  • Cliath to Fostern: Minimum of 2 month
  • Fostern to Adren: Minimum of 6 months
  • Adren to Athro: Minimum of 12 months
  • Athro to Elder: Minimum of 18 months

Renown and Rank:

We are using the Renown Sample Awards from the book. (If you think you have done something worthy of renown but do not see a matching listing in the book, please feel free to ask the STs. We will happily suggest something for you to put in if it is worthy.)

However as you gain rank, you are expected to do more and as such the amount of renown you earn for your actions is less. 

You will put in your renown requests as normal, using the suggested renown from STs for scenes or building your request from the Sample Awards in the book, then apply the modifier below yourself before actually submitting the request.
  • Fostern will receive 75% of their requested renown award rounded down.
  • Adren will receive 50% of their requested renown award rounded down.
  • Athro will receive 30% of their requested renown award rounded down.
Some renown rewards will still be honored for the full amount! Some of those rewards are not on the sample renown list in the book but will be suggested by the STs at the time it happens.
* Examples of these might be the renown for leading a group of Garou into battle and bringing back everyone alive.


Level 1 & 2 Gifts

You will NOT need a scene for level 1 & 2 gifts that are in tribe, breed, and auspice. However! If you are new to Werewolf, or have never had a gift scene before, and would like to request a scene. You may do so through the Scene Request Channel on Discord.

In order to earn a level 1 or 2 gift IC, you must submit the following to the ST team in your Experience Request.

Gift Name:
Gift Level:
Book the Gift is from:
XP Cost of Gift:

Out of Tribe Gifts

Requires: Rank 1 – Tribal Lore 2; Rank 2 – Tribal Lore 3; Rank 3 – Tribal Lore 4; and an ST run scene.

Out of Auspice Gifts

Allowed, however you will take a renown hit at the time of learning if you're neglecting fulfilling the role of your own Auspice. Requires ST.

Out of Breed Gifts

Allowed; Requires ST


These need to be learned IC. Each rank of Rites takes a week per level to learn it properly and be able to perform it effectively.

Difficulty 10 - Intelligence ((This CANNOT be lower than difficulty 5)), and Willpower may be spent on learning the rite.

Example: Susan has Intelligence 2. Her difficulty to learn Rites is now 10-2=8

You must post the following to your Experience Request Thread:

Rite Name:
Rite Level:
Book the Rite is from:
(NPC/PC) learned from:
Date learned:
Roll: (Please copy and paste the roll directly from the Discord room)

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