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Read First Mummies House Rules

Following is the list of house rules for the Mummy: the Ressurection system:

1. When in doubt, Player's Guide trumps the Core book
2. Arcane, Ba/Sampa/Contemplation, Ka/Illi/Joss, Memory/Tao can be acquired or increased during the Reborn's cycle between lives.
3. Tomb and Vessel/Jade Talisman can be acquired during play or with properly kept Journal submissions
4. Companion can be acquired through a ritual, which will require plenty of RP. Once acquired, it can be increased as per rule 3.
5. Reborn can buy the Node background from Mage: the Ascension, but only up to 2 points. They can pool this one as per usual rules.

A relic from a reborn's past, or important to the dynasty, bound to a modern physical object mirroring the Reborn themselves.  Phylactery form powerful bonds with the reborn and grant them several quality of life improvements.

Lifeforce Storage:
The most well known and commonly used aspect of a Phylactery is it's ability to form a storage medium for lifeforce for the reborn it is bound to.

A phylactery can store the Reborn's balance rating *5 lifeforce.  It's capacity increases as the reborn's Balance/Quest/Direction increases.

Special powers:
Each phylactery has some form of special power.  Generally a unique ability and a single die bonus to a specific type of roll.  The Mummy STs decide a phylactery's special powers.  When players create one, it starts with no special power, but gains one over time as it is used.

Phylactery Creation:

In order for a reborn to create a phylactery, they must first complete the task of finding and retrieving a phylactery relic related to their past.  The first Phylactery must be found, not made.  Though it is still bound to an object of the Reborn's choice.

The first phylactery can be created without a ritual, as the Nefesh is already there waiting to be found, and must simply be bound to an object with the Amenti's will upon completion of the quest.

A reborn can undergo their Relic quest upon achieving 100xp.

Once the first phylactery is gained, the Reborn is allowed to craft additional Phylactery.  But the process is quite difficult.  First to remember is that a reborn can have more than one Phylactery at a time, but can never 'use' more than one at a time.  Only one can be 'active' at a time.  And the character must note which phylactery is currently active if they have more than one.

A character can never attune to more phylactery than he has total dots in balance.  A balance 5 amenti can attune to a total of 5 phylactery, using only one of them.  A phylactery that is destroyed still counts against this limit.

To create an additional Phylactery is a grueling process.

1st: The reborn must create a physical object to bind the Phylactery to.
2nd: The reborn must find a substantially important object to them in the underworld to make up the spiritual portion of the Phylactery.

For Amenti it should be a relic from their first or second life.
For the Wu Tian it should be a relic related to their house's elements, Fire and Air for the Wu Feng, Earth and Water for the Tian Lung
For the Teomallki it should be an item that is important to the ancestors.  If not the Malliki themselves.

3rd: The reborn must perform the greater shadow ritual, requiring that they first learn it, costing 10xp.

Upon completion of these three steps the new phylactery is complete.  If the reborn has another phylactery he must choose which is 'active' immediately.  To change which phylactery is active, the greater shadow ritual must be preformed again.

The Ritual of Greater Shadow
The Ritual of Greater Shadow is a hidden rite that each dynasty has a version of.  It is used to bind relics of the underworld, to objects in the living world, creating a phylactery.

Performing the ritual requires the expenditure of incense, candles, salt, and other materials equal to a resources 3 purchase.  Some of these materials are rare enough that individuals with resources 3 must roll their resources against difficulty 7.  Failure means that they cannot attain the required materials.  A botch reduces the reborn's resource rating by 1 dot.

The ritual is performed in the mortal world, above where the relic is in the underworld, generally where the Reborn leaves it before returning to the mortal world to perform the ritual.

The Reborn rolls Cha + Occult to perform the ritual against a difficulty of 7.  Two successes are needed to complete the ritual, but it can be rolled as an extended roll.  A botch does not destroy the relic, but does destroy the materials and the object intended to be used as the phylactery's mortal reflection.
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